Everything we apply to our skin is absorbed by our body. Many substances used in conventional cosmetic products are even harmful. We offer you a perfect and beautiful alternative which does not harm your body and health: benecos – natural beauty.

Some ingredients even nurture and pamper your body. Vegetal oils and waxes – like those used in benecos products – have a composition similar to skin grease and support the natural regulation process of the skin with various active ingredients. They contribute to the regeneration of the skin´s natural protective film, are biodegradable environmentally friendly and resource-saving.

We guarantee: BDIH-certified benecos products do not contain any mineral oils or derivatives / silicones / parabens / synthetic emulsifiers or their derivatives (PEG/PEG derivatives) / synthetic colorants or aromatic substances. Our opinion is that these substances do not belong in natural cosmetics!

Therefore you will be using a natural product with beneficial ingredients (whenever possible based on ingredients from certified organic agriculture). Perfect for your everyday beauty ritual!