Why Natural Cosmetics?

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We develop natural cosmetics because we oppose the negative effects on the health and body of the ingredients used in conventional cosmetics. Some problematic ingredients are mineral oils, paraffins and silicones. Of course these are not permitted in certified natural cosmetics and in high-quality natural cosmetics such as our benecos products!


Mineral oils and waxes, such as paraffin oil, vaseline (petrolatum), etc. consist of hydrocarbon compounds with varying chain lengths and branches. These substances cannot be absorbed by the skin and therefore stay on the surface. Although the skin feels soft, the substances disrupt the natural regulation of the skin and its metabolism and stops regulating itself.


Paraffins are known to clog pores and do not break down easily, they are not biodegradable and cannot be absorbed by the body. Paraffin has a correlation to skin irritation and some types of kidney and renal cancer.


Silicones are produced synthetically and make your skin feeling silky and smooth. They have a long-lasting effect for lipsticks and lip glosses. It must be noted, however, that the body is unable to break them down and can therefore enter the fatty tissue.